2nd June 2023

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Tom Bartending for the Role of Uncharted

Star, Tom Holland had to learn how to bartend for some of the scenes for his role as Nathan Drake in Uncharted. Just a few days ago he showed his skills with Brandon B.

In Uncharted, Tom’s character Nathan Drake has a couple of bartending scenes in the movie so Tom wanted to learn along as he was playing his role. He learned how to bartend, also went to a school to learn how. In the video, he says ” I wanted the bar scene to be really authentic so I actually went to one of my favorite bars in London, which is the Chilton Firehouse, and I convinced the bartenders there to let me go behind the bar and serve people drinks.” He said along with that ” It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it.” As said in the video. He eventually got “fired” because people started to notice.

He even makes them at home, showing the things he learned came to use. Not just for his role, but also for his personal life. He said “I was making espresso martinis for a bunch of people at my house” and continued to tell a story on how he ruined his new white shirt.

Thanks to Brandon B for this video that is here for our entertainment. Go give him and his team a look at: Youtube: Brandon B | Instagram: Heybrandonb | TikTok: BrandonB