2nd June 2023

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Birthday Message to Tom!

This is OUR Birthday message to TomūüéČ:

Dear Tom,

Today is your day, your special day. Today we need to thank you for all you have done. Thank you for being an amazing actor, an amazing person,thank you for giving smiles every single day, thank you for caring about other people, you support them them, you raise money through “The Brothers Trust” for those who need them. Nikki, Dominic, the Holland brothers‚Ķ all of us, must be proud of him! Without you it wouldn’t have created this project, to get to know other fans across the globe and build this amazing fandom. When you got in our our lifes, we were happier, we were happier than ever. You share many things with us and we really appreciate it. You are the ideal role model that someone can have! Keep up the good work. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! ‚̧

In conclusion, thanks for giving to the humanity these amazing 24 years! We, here in Tom Holland Fans and the whole fandom, want to wish you Happy 24th Birthday. May this day be happy, filled with love and to enjoy it. Don’t let anyone/anything to harm you. If you need anything, we will be here for you.

Lots of Love‚̧ and Stay Safe,
Tom Holland Fans & Fandom